The short film, No Place, that I did prop/graphic design for now has an official trailer! Check it out in HD!


so i started listening to “welcome to night vale”…………………………….


Puking dragon, as promised.

4 hours, Fire Alpaca

Future plans!!


So my sister and I are probably going to be doing a horror themed table this year at AnimeFest. We’re hoping to make products for SCP, Slenderman and Lovecraftian monsters.

We’re thinking of having…

  • …laser cut charms
  • …3D clay fired charms
  • …original art prints
  • …patches
  • …needle felt plushes

Is there anything else y’all would like to see from a horror/videogame themed stand? Are there other series would should try and make products for? Let me know!


Signal boost! Check out the short animated film “The Big Red” by my friends Boyan Baynov and Elektra Chrysanthou! The film can be viewed here: https://vimeo.com/66630805 with the password “dfsa2013.”

Also check out Boyan’s showreel: https://vimeo.com/67183373

And Elektra’s modeling showreel: https://vimeo.com/65407074
& animation showreel: https://vimeo.com/64809077



For Sniper it begins when he is 12. His family is visiting family in England and he is playing in the yard whena  big wolf tries to hurt him. Uncle hits the creature and it runs away. But the next month, he turns into a violent wolf cub intent on causing the pain he feels.

For Spy it starts in Gaul. Normandy. He is a Youth and unusually handsome. He has all of his teeth and clean skin and bright beautiful blue eyes. He is drawn in by a fair lady with a smile and wakes up in neverending night.

For Medic it began with an Idea. With notes pilfered from a long-forgotten ruin. He will not turn away as his predecessor had. No. He embraces this monster with a fatherly air.

For Heavy, it begins when he is brought into this world riding a lightning bolt of life. His mind works but his tongue is clumsy. He is so smart, but he cannot get the words to form. But he can learn and learn he will. He has all of eternity to learn.

For scout, it began when he died. He died and stayed dead and he felt the gnawing ever-present hunger that bade him attack the flesh and blood. Attack the living. He was mindless in death but the frenzy left and now he is dead but with his own mind. He wishes he had stayed dead. Or at least a mindless monster.

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I finally found the right model for Scout where you can make a lot of stuff with his face.

So sad SniperScout here I come.


Engie and Medic strategising after hours.
From pistol-finch’s beautiful SFM piece
alt title: Engie and Medic making plans so their teammates can eff them up



Grace M. Suarez


My Facebook fanpage is live! Go check it out, I have a lot of my work up! : D

Uploading my video for the Best Jobs in the World by Tourism Australia!


I’m so nervous! Being chosen would be so life-changing!

Wish me luck you guys!